Requested Experience

The LP is for people whose lives have been impacted by NVC and who want to share it with the world. We request that our applicants have:

  • the use of NVC in their daily lives
  • extensive prior training (such as IIT and other residential retreats), practice group experience or the equivalent.
  • a year or more of ongoing NVC practice or training
  • prior experience sharing or teaching NVC. Or the intention to start sharing/ teaching NVC within the year of the program.

We’ve had people join the LP with less experience with the recognition that they may take it for two years.

We particularly want to support people who are already teaching or sharing NVC in areas without certified trainers.

Our program has included participants from all over the world. We welcome participants from other countries as they enrich the program with their unique view of the world, experience and perspectives on how NVC can be used to create change.


Receive an Application

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