Requested Commitment

We request the following commitment from program participants:

  1. Intention to participate fully in all program components. We recognize that different program components work differently for different people, and that some people may participate more in some than in others. We also understand that each person will assess what is doable for her or him.
  2. Commitment to starting to share NVC with others during the program, and an intention to continue after the end of the program, following CNVC guidelines for sharing NVC (see for further information on these guidelines).We are delighted at the many ways in which one can share NVC so also welcome people who intend to share NVC in ways other than the formal teaching model. This request meets needs for effective use of resources and integrity for us.
  3. Upholding the principle of accessibility
    Agreement to share NVC (e.g., coaching, introductions, workshops) in a way that will make them accessible to others in your community. This can be using a sliding scale, announcing that you don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds, offering scholarships, fundraising to cover your expenses, etc. Our deep desire is that NVC will be easily accessible to people wherever they are regardless of their circumstances. This request meets needs for integrity and accessibility of this work for everyone.


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