The LP 2017 Teleclass Series Archives

Did you miss one of the classes in our series? Scroll down below to download a recording of each class. Then, check out our events page to see what’s being offered by the LP community.

The LP Teleclass Series presents François Beausoleil. Free yourself and those around you from the toxic effects of blame. Learn strategies to uncover the messages that fuel the blame game and change your response for good.

The LP Teleclass Series presents Ann Malabre. See how NVC in action is transforming a select private’s school response to sexual assault on their campus. Be inspired by the possibilities to transform the experience of millions of people worldwide.

The LP Teleclass Series presents Ranji Ariaratnam and David Johnson. Get useful tips to enhance your relationships from a thriving NVC couple! Move from the theory to practice with a couple who speaks from experience and a deep foundation in and commitment to NVC consciousness.