Financial Contributions

We try to find a balance between the sustainability of the program, our livelihoods as trainers, and our desire for the program to be accessible to people regardless of their access to financial resources.  In other words, we try to hold many needs with full care, and we want to provide a process of choice for potential participants to do the same.
The charts below summarize your options for payment, and their implications.


Tuition is offered at a sliding scale $3600 – $7000.  Through a guided process in our application, we collaboratively determine your contribution along that scale.

$3600 <———–


———– >$7000

If 20 participants (our average cohort size)
contributed this amount:

  • covers costs*
  • covers minimum
    trainer & organizer financial needs
  • trainers personally pay for any scholarships
  • covers costs
  • covers trainer & organizer financial needs
  • funds 3-5 scholarships
  • covers costs
  • covers trainer & organizer financial needs
  • funds 5-10 scholarships
  • allows us to invest in greater outreach, develop new materials, and invite more guest trainers

* Costs = office costs, materials, facility and administrative

Room and Board Expenses

Room and Board expenses are determined by your choice of accommodation.  The chart below summarizes the range of potential costs.

(Includes three 7-day retreats – full meals and accommodation):

$2175 <——–


——–> $2625

Shared 3+ people

Other shared options
(details in application)


We have articulated in depth our needs regarding financial contributions, and the thinking behind the strategies and requests for meeting those needs in our Financial FAQ.   Please read our Financial FAQ if you are thinking of applying.


We are committed to making this training accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of financial ability.  We offer a number of partial scholarships every year.  More information about this is in the application and the Financial FAQ.

Once you decide to apply, you will be guided through a process for considering your contribution.



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