“I have been incredibly supported in thinking about and otherwise preparing for sharing NVC by written and electronic materials, fellow LPers, and trainers taking personal interest in my teaching goals. “

– Barbara Kochan, LP08

Distance Learning

Each week topics are introduced and explored via teleclasses, journaling, empathy buddy discussions and online dialog.


We offer teleclasses to provide continuity for ongoing learning and connection for participants. The tele-classes are an hour and a half long and meet twice monthly.  They are facilitated by lead trainers, assistants and later in the year, participants. They offer an opportunity for a full group check-in, the presentation of material, break-out group discussions and coaching around challenges faced by participants related to sharing NVC. Participants who take advantage of the opportunity to lead teleclasses also receive feedback about their leadership experience.

Readings and Journaling Guide

A 400 page manual has been developed by Miki Kashtan and Inbal Kashtan. It includes an extensive exploration of NVC on the individual, interpersonal, organization and systemic levels. Each week different readings will be explored.

Journaling is a cornerstone for individual exploration of NVC. A compendium of journaling questions guide individual exploration on the topics presented in the LP. For those interested in certification, you will have an excellent journaling structure for working towards your journaling requirements. Program leaders or assistants are available to review and provide feedback once a month on a journal submission.

“Buddy” relationshipsfriends

You will be paired with another program participant for empathy, support and exploration of topics throughout the program. You will be encouraged to schedule at least a 1-hour phone conversation each week for empathy, connection, support, review of individual study, and exploration of leadership goals, experiences and growth.

Buddy relationships are one of the strongest components of the Leadership Program in that they offer all participants opportunities for mutual contribution, relationship building, practice with the learning, integration, empathy, healing, and deep connection.

Tele-support Sessions

You will have access to three 30-60 minute telephone sessions with a program assistant for feedback and support. Participants have expressed deep gratitude for the depth of insight, support and empathy they have received during these calls.

Online Community and Information

Throughout the year, you can maintain connection and discussions around the weekly topics and your own learnings.  The online community serves as a forum to share challenges, offer mutual support and empathy, exchange information, discuss topics such as NVC key differentiations, explore teaching questions, and share celebrations.

A wiki provides a convenient place for participants to access the numerous journals and reference materials we include in the binder, as well as other program information.